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This client had an awareness issue, and, strategically, the name and identity didn’t align with their services. We rebranded the organization to BizBaton and developed a website with an onboarding process that connects business owners with entrepreneurs. In just under 12 months, we initiated 14 connections via the new site.



Miracle Network

An emotional narrative creates an immediate connection with donors, and Children’s Miracle Network – KC Heartland needed to tell a story. Compelling accounts were told – in a long form for landing pages and short forms for social – to drive donations and build brand awareness for this nonprofit with CTRs like we’ve never seen!


CMN Social Ads_Web.jpg


This start-up needed a revolutionary way to get this revolutionary treatment into sufferers’ hands. We developed the EYE-STIM brand from the ground up, then started with the pitch deck to secure investors. Next came a comprehensive patient journey, direct-to-consumer strategy and web app that includes a self-assessment, asynchronous physician visit and fulfillment function.

Eye Stim Deck_Web.jpg

Precise Bioscience

We repositioned this client’s brand and restructured their identity to resonate with physicians, while remaining compliant with rigid FDA regulations. Our favorite project earned the trust of the client when we used astronaut ice cream as an analogy illustrating the technology and convenience of the product. It was wildly successful, generating 200 leads in two days.


Astronaut by Elevators.jpg
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